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Fandoms these days are gutting annoying... I remember when I could love Star Wars and Star Trek and still be excepted by my friends. Now it seems I can't love Fan art of two things like Doctor Who in Sailor Moon universe all because they shall never mix. Same with Steven Universe and it mixing with ANYTHING else... Why? Because of petty whining assholes whom claim to be 'fans'

Here have an Example:
Sadness by NeoArtCorE

See this drawing? See the lighting and shadows, That is beautiful. See the shape of the Body? That is a healthy shape, you can see a slight belly to leg bump, and arms and legs are nice and wide. 

No she isn't a blueberry shape like the original in the movie. 
No she isn't 10-11 in build but keep in mind the Emotions are to grow with the host. For all we know that little girl will grow into a body build like this picture. After all In the movie the Emotions were still individuals of their host. Once they begin to fuse more evenly they tend to take traits of their hosts.

Yes this is different from the source Simply because this is a DIFFERENT ARTIST drawing a CHARACTER they Like. 

Some artist will Mimic styles of the original source to avoid insults and trolls and even then they get ridiculed. And its the Artist who choose to have their own style and draw in it that are brave in my mind. And yes some times when drawing a character you like you tend to use a pose you already have, why? Because its Your drawing you can do what YOU want to it.

So stop with the insult of 'hack' and disgracing the art because honestly its not up to the world to decide how one person should live let alone draw. 

And I'm so tired of this bull shit that I'm going to start a Project this month and I invite others to join me. In the USA we have thanks Giving this month where we are Thankful for all we have and enjoy; so I'm going to show my thanks to Animes and Cartoon writers/artist. I'm going to draw Characters from Shows I like and even some I don't. All to express my gratitude for the creators that put smiles on faces of their shows Fans.

I'm calling it Grateful Fans and I'll post my project on Twitter, Tumblr, FA, DA and every site I can. I'll use the #GratefulFans too so Join me and draw characters from shows you like and use that Hashtag.

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